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  • Moon River
  • By: Audrey Hepburn
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two drifters, off to see the world

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Bollywood’s makeup evolution 

1940s-1950s: Makeup was kept minimal during this era of black and white cinema. Contrary to the existing culture in India, where women heavily lined their lower lash line with kohl, Bollywood ladies like Nargis and Nutan chose to skip this trend and opted for a simple and clean style of eyeliner while just tightlining their lower lash line and applying a thin coat of mascara. 

1960s: Rosy cheeks, dramatic winged eyeliner and pink/coral lips were the norm during the 60s. Mascara became heavier and  the wardrobe of Bollywood ladies experienced a change as well. Ditching their sarees, actresses prominently wore salwar suits as well as western outfits on screen. Hair was generally styled in a high puff and some actresses, like Sadhna, sported short bangs. 

1970s:  Actresses generally sported kohl rimmed eyes along with a nude brown lipstick- a trend which continued well into the 90s. Hair was mostly kept straightened while the eyebrows were thinly shaped. Fashion became more uninhibited and “westernised” during the 70s.

1980s: With the onset of the disco fever, Bollywood started to incorporate more glam in makeup. Shades of gold and bronze eyeshadow were paired with metallic red lips or dark  nude glosses. On one hand fashion was loud glamorous and glittery but on the other, actresses like Shabana Azmi and Deepti Naval retained the modest and conventional look. 

1990s-2000s: Popular faces like Madhuri Dixit and Kajol continued to wear nude lips in shades of brown or pink with standard eye makeup.  During the late 90s Aishwarya Rai famously wore her eyeliner in a thick wing in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and other actresses followed in suit. Face makeup was minimal and actresses like Preity Zinta sported flushed cheeks with light rosy lips. 

2010-present: Makeup is more liberal with artists experimenting with different styles. Bold lip colours and smoky eyes can be seen more often now than before. But still, straight hairstyle continues to be the norm.

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  • The Parting Glass
  • By: Anne Bonny
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Of all the Money that e’er I had,
I spent it in good Company.
And all the Harm that e’er I’ve done.
Alas! it was to none but me.


And all I’ve done for want of Wit.
To Mem’ry now, I can’t recall
So fill to me the parting Glass
Good Night and Joy be with you all.



Of all the Comrades that e’er I had,
They’re sorry for my going away.
And all the Sweethearts that e’er I’ve loved,
They’d wish me one more Day to stay,

But since it falls unto my Lot,
That I should rise and you should not,
I’ll gently rise and softly call,
Good Night and Joy be with you all.
Good Night and Joy be with you all.

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"The moon hung over the planet Earth, a dead thing over a dying thing."

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M.I.A. for Modzik Magazine

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